Whitby was built in 1936 by W. J Yarwood and Sons of Northwich as a 71ft 6in motorboat to be used for carrying general cargoes for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company. She continued to work for the GUCCCo until nationalisation, in 1948 where she was transferred to the British Waterways fleet.

Whitby passed into private ownership in the 1970s and was owned by Barry Burgess for carrying duties. She was then subcontracted to the Threefellows Carrying fleet for use on the gravel run between Thurmaston and Syston, often paired with the butty Pictor. Having passed hands, Whitby, was based at Dadford's Shed, Stourbridge, where she was left untouched for several years allowing her condition to worsen.

Paul Barber purchased Whitby in the summer of 2008 and has returned Whitby back to trading condition. The work included:

  • A new 10mm base plate
  • Re-footing
  • New steel back cabin
  • New engine room roof
  • New front and back cants
  • New running gear (cratch, mast, stands, planks etc)