Python, owned and operatedby the Chesterfield Canal Trust had to sit patiently awaiting funds for her restoration for quite a while.  Eventually the Chesterfield Canal Trust received funding from the IWA (Keith Ayling fund) and also the National Historic Ships Register.

Python was built as a 70' narrowboat in 1929 for Fellows, Morton and Clayton Ltd by W.J. Yarwoods.  She was originally fitted with a Bolinder 5 hp engine.

She was transferred to the Docks & Inland Waterways in 1949, and then whilst being used as a maintenance boat for British Waterways Board was shortened to 53' in the 1980s.

Eventually with the funding in place, Paul and his team were able to carry out the restoration work.

Below are various photos of Python showing: Python Crew, old photo of Python (from 1955), arriving at Sheet Stores, restoration work, on way back to Chesterfield Canal, Staveley Lock (the 1st boat on the National Historic Ship Register to navigate the western section of the Chesterfield Canal) and her new banner