Ling was built for Fellows, Morton and Clayton in 1934 by Yarwoods of Northwich.  She is one of the 19 "fish class" motors built for single running operating in the northern area.  As such was fitted with a 9hp Bolinder, which meant the engine room could be reduced in size for increased carrying capacity.  Also one of the six fitted with a fore-cabin.  Transferred to British Transport Commission (fore runner to British Waterways) upon nationalisation. During the late 50s the 9 hp (pup) was replaced with the 15 hp (big engine) out of Gorse, to allow her to pull a butty.  At some point the bow cabin was removed, as was the custom of BW at this time.  At some point was fitted with a BW cabin and Lister HR2.  She remained on maintenance duties until 2010, when she was put up for auction.  Present owner purchased her in April 2012.

Ling has been brought to PJ Barber Boatbuilder Ltd for restoration to include new 10mm bottom, footings, steel cabin/engine room and steel bow cabin.